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Meadowbrook Counseling

Therapy for individuals, couples and families


Areas of Treatment

Providing counseling services that promote mental, emotional, and social well-being.


Life is not always easy. The stress and demands of relationships, work responsibilities, and expectations we sometimes put on ourselves can create an unhealthy amount of stress. High amounts of stress can lead to mental health or emotional concerns that affect daily life and function.


Teens & Kids

Therapists give praise and support as kids learn. They help kids believe in themselves and find their strengths. Therapy builds helpful thinking patterns and healthy behavioral habits. A therapist might meet with the child and parent together or meet with the child alone.

Teens & Kids

Couples & Families

Even the healthiest of couples experience some degree of conflict in their lives. The secret is addressing those issues head-on and not letting your less-loving interactions define you or your relationship.


How can Meadowbrook Counseling benefit you?