Shandi Michael

Payson, Utah

There are times in life where everyone feels stagnant, stuck, and maybe even hopeless. During these times of struggle is where a therapist can help walk with you on a journey of growth and self discovery. Many people have had events in their past that are causing anxiety and depression even though the event is over, but for you it might feel like it is still happening or comes up at times that make life difficult. There is treatment for these symptoms and I am hopeful to be a person who can walk with you through your struggles and support you in healing and personal growth.

My practice offers eye movement desensitization therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and sandtray therapy as modalities to help relieve anxiety, depression, and process past traumas. I specialize in trauma informed addiction treatment, treatment of trauma from sexual abuse, rape, neglect, emotional abuse, health problems, loss, and accidents. My life has taken many strange turns to bring me to the realization that helping others to heal is what my life will be dedicated to. I work with people from all walks of life and see hope and healing for anyone who is wanting to begin walking that path in their life. I hope to be the person you reach out to, so you can begin or continue your journey.