Mary Waters

Lehi - Utah

As your therapist, I promise to see YOU. The real you. All of you. I am not here to "fix you" or to "fix your problems," as that would strip you of your power to heal yourself. Instead, I will sit across from you as your equal in our humanity. I am here to empower you and give you control back in your healing. I promise to bring "YOU" front and center to every session.

You are the most critical, valuable, and powerful tool in your healing process. Therefore, I choose to accent therapeutic principles that maximize growth, personal responsibility, self-determination, and self-efficacy. Furthermore, as a humanistic practitioner, I will support your need for autonomy because the answers you seek are found within and not outside of yourself. As a result, you can expect many positive life outcomes, including freedom, performance, creativity, resilience, happiness, well-being, spiritual congruence, and more.

As you uncover trauma or emotional blockage, I promise to never reduce the enormity of these feelings as something to be controlled and managed. You are not a machine that has been programmed, brainwashed, conditioned, shaped, or driven by unconscious forces. I choose not to see you as a helpless victim, as that would disarm you of your power over your own life. I am not here to "recondition" you or "rewash" your brain. Instead, I promise to bring a genuine willingness for you to be or to feel whatever is going on with you at that moment; there may be rage, pain, love, anger, tenderness, fear, hatred, confusion, or courage. But, I will be delicate and make no judgments and act as a confident companion as you explore your inner world.

My only goal is to help you get your voice and power back. It will be my privilege to be allowed to enter your private world. I promise to give you your power back and reclaim your sovereign spaces.