Maren Kinlacheeny

Orem, Utah

I believe in people. I believe in our resilience, our power, and in our capacity for change. It’s why I became a Clinical Mental Health Counselor - because I love being a witness to those beautiful light bulb moments where we recognize the truth about ourselves and start living with more purpose and resolve. I love helping people find those solutions within themselves - I know they are there! As a former Disorder Counselor, I could see how clients were desperately seeking a way to cope with deep trauma. I wanted to dive deeper. I wanted to help others get to the root of their problems.

The most rewarding part of my work is watching as clients have a breakthrough! I am here as a facilitator to help you have those pivotal moments. I am not here to judge you or push an agenda onto you. I respect your autonomy. I truly believe you have the answers within you. I am here to help you tap into that inner light and wisdom.

I am not a solutions provider but rather a guide with tools to share with you. EMDR is one of those tools, a profoundly helpful therapy that allows you time to be still and listen to your body and find answers within. We can work together to help you eliminate those negative beliefs that are holding you back, and find the healing you are seeking.