picture of lindsey garcia

Lindsey Garcia

Counselor, ACMHC, EMDR

I help clients reach for their personal best potential and ideal version of themselves. The meaning we assign to our life stories (past, present, and future) are very important. I provide a nonjudgmental space to hear and validate clients experiences, thoughts, emotions, and personal stories. I utilize traditional talk therapy and somatic practices that help calm the sympathetic nervous system which can be out of balance in our fast pace society. Moving out of (fight or flight) and moving into (rest and digest). Incorporating: simple yoga poses, breath-work practices, mindfulness techniques, and guided imagery and meditation.

I lean on my diverse experiences as a: private practice counselor in a play-therapy office serving children, adolescents and adults, as a youth detention-center counselor, NCAA head coach, yoga teacher, as a mother, and as a human.

Clients gain skills that empower them, as well as gaining skills for being present in their lives. I believe we have the power to change and live the life that we imagine for ourselves. Teletherapy provides a more convenient route for counseling. Call or text to schedule today!