Kirsten Nelson

Taylorsville, Utah
Nurse Practitioner - APRN

I am a family practice nurse practitioner with a love for working in mental health. I received my bachelors of nursing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and my doctorate from Gonzaga University. During my years as a practicing registered nurse, I worked as a board certified psychiatric and mental health nurse. I spent a majority of my time working with children, teenagers and adults in this area. I am certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a model that I think can be supportive in healing. I am also experienced in working with CBT and DBT. I have experience working with multiple different conditions including major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficient disorder, insomnia and many others.

When working with patients I love to focus on a combination of western and holistic medicine. I believe that looking at multiple modalities for healing and supporting mental health is so important. I look forward to supporting clients in their work to feel good and support a healthy future.