Kayla Rawson

Orem - Utah

Empowerment is the foundation of my approach in assisting clients as they bring about positive change in their lives. I believe that every person has the strength and ability within themselves to create a joyful and meaningful life. I help my clients find this strength by exploring the roots of where their challenges come from. These roots are unique for each client, but may include trauma, communication difficulties, thinking errors, or problems with emotional regulation. When you come into my office, I will help you address the sources of your pain, and teach you valuable and effective coping skills.

I have experience working with individuals from every age group. I use a variety of approaches depending on the needs of each client, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. I particularly enjoy working with couples. One of my favorite parts of my work is watching a couple as they heal their relationship and learn communication skills that facilitate trust, love, and understanding. My approach when working with couples comes from a combination of Emotion Focused Therapy and The Gottman Method.

It takes a lot of courage to make the call to start therapy. I believe in honoring each of my client’s experiences with empathy, compassion, and respect. I would love to assist you on your road to empowerment and healing.