Glade Woolstenhulme

Taylorsville, Utah

Glade is a Certified Clinical Social Worker with five years of experience working in various Dual-Diagnose mental health. Glade specialized in a Multicultural Clinical Practice and has a deep awareness of his social and cultural identities. He utilizes person-in-environment as an organizing perspective, his multi-cultural social work practice addresses the bio-psycho-social and spiritual functioning of individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Glade has developed competency in using relationship-based, culturally informed, and theoretically grounded interventions with persons facing challenges, disabilities, or impairments, including emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders. He continues to practice his lifelong dedication of serving and providing healing and compassion to the LGBTQA+

Glade validates each person he works with in a way that allows for expression of one’s self, while honoring the diversity that makes each person’s story their own, and worth living.