Online Therapy

picture of person on a telehealth session

What is Online Therapy or Telehealth?

Virtual therapy has been available for years, but due to the pandemic we have seen substantial increase in people utilizing this service. As more businesses shift to working from home video conferencing has become commonplace and is likely here to stay.

We know that privacy is of utmost importance in therapy and the client therapist relationship relies on being confidential. Some clients prefer virtual sessions to remove the risk of seeing people they know at the therapist's office. The session is conducted over software that is Hipaa Compliant and increases privacy.

Another benefit of telehealth therapy is the flexibility of conducting the session wherever is most convenient for the client. It eliminates commute time and can be utilized even when travelling.

A few things to consider before starting a telehealth session are:

  1. 1. Make sure that you have a good internet connection.
  2. 2.Prepare your space, remove any distractions from the area, and have a comfortable spot to sit.
  3. 3. Try doing some deep breathing and relax to get in a good frame of mind to the most out of the session.

All of our therapists offer telehealth services. If you are considering virtual therapy or have any questions about how it works please contact us.